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Dietary Supplements, ASEA Review

Jun 2nd, 2010 by admin

Here is another independent review about ASEA in the dietary supplement market.

Asea has picked out a really saturate

d market for their entrance in the MLM business which is the nutritional and health-care market. Supplements are products for which the common individual doesn’t invest time seeking, but rather realize that they are valuable when encountering them. Regardless of their genuine consequences on the human body, people can be asked to buy these kinds of products far better by multi level marketers than by traditional marketing and advertising. But a number of them really do work, and are supported by technological discoveries, holding various patents and containing proprietary scientific formulas. Usually these are likely to talk about this certain niche in the market. Therefore it is very hard for a recently founded business to truly succeed in becoming profitable amongst these giants. But why don’t we further analyze the corporation and its probabilities to be successful.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Asea isn’t different from the average mlm company. There is an fascinating story on their website about how the company was actually launched. The company?s founders, Verdis Norton and James G. Pack presumably put together the theory during a round of golf together. Verdis Norton has a substantial experience in corporate sales, general management and strategy, amounting to almost 30 years, and James G. Pack gives over 2 decades of corporate experience to Asea. Apart from the already talked about founders of the business, holding the positions of CEO and President respectively, Asea’s management team also comprises of Kurt Richards, Vice President of Development, and Justin Wilson, working as Director of Associate Development.

Asea’s product is a dietary supplement in the shape of a beverage. It presumably consists of 2 sets of reactive compounds without which the antioxidants existing in the human body will not be capable of fight free radicals. These reactive substances are known to be produced by the human cells mitochondria. One set of these molecules have the effect of activating the antioxidants, while the second has an important role in cellular protection and healing reaction. The technique for developing and stabilizing these reactive compounds has been devised more than 16 years ago by a group of scientists, and it was enhanced since that time, but only Verdis Norton seemingly came across the idea of putting this to use.

The market for this product is a huge one, consisting of both athletes and non-athletes. With the pressure and effort caused by the fast paced modern life, essentially anybody would use this type of health product. However this is what the rest of the businesses around understand as well, no matter what the kind of marketing employed. Consequently Asea seems to deal with a tough competition already from the start.

Utilizing a normal binary compensation plan, Asea provides seven various methods for getting compensated. Among them there are certainly the classic retail profit commission, fast start bonuses and team bonuses, however they also chose to use a percentage of the sales volume for a leadership pool meant to the high level group of affiliates.

As a disadvantage, Asea does not offer any form of instruction apart from distributor meetings and seminars. This technique is very out-of-date and is destined to generate little or no profit at all. In addition, by keeping the training of their sellers to the average of what they all know, Asea encourages reckless or even altogether lack of teamwork.

But what should a person do when he really wants to join Asea? The business seem to have a great product, a talented management team, and their comp plan is not at all that bad. In this situation somebody having a good information about modern mlm techniques can really have a head start. And this understanding and perception is not that complicated to attain.


Note: ASEA does offer free training meetings from top producers in selected towns and cities. When you go to your back office there is always a list of the places they will be. I have attended one and they are excellent. They also have a email campaign that is second to none, that has training and information pertinent to the product.

Hope this helps. It is import to be informed when making any decision.

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