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ASEA Launch Highlights 2010

Nov 22nd, 2010 by Karl

Asea Launch Highlighs 2010

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ASEA Ingredients whats in the bottle?

Jul 27th, 2010 by admin

The most difficult part of explaining ASEA to someone is helping them understand exactly what is in that bottle. It’s hard not because its difficult to explain or even understand, it can be confusing because most of us are cauGeneric Prices Online Cialis ukght up in an “ingredient paradigm”. Most of us look at the back of the bottle for everything, even if we don’t know what each ingredient is or if it is naturally occurring. There is also a difference between native to the body and naturally occurring. The body produces natural antioxidants like glutathione, catalayse and SOD, and those are far more powerful than any you can take, as long as body can utilize them.

We have all been exposed to all of the latest antioxidant products on the market. Some are very beneficial and I personally believe in putting the right ingredients and materials into your body. When trying to explain and differentiate ASEA from these products I get common programmed responses:

“I would rather rely on something proven and used for thousands of years not something created from a science lab”

“Natural fruit and herbs have been effective for thousands of years and they didn’t have the issues we have now in this modern day and age”

I am in agreement with those statements. However, when I check the labels of many (not all), of these popular antioxidant products, I see preservatives and other unnatural ingredients added. One recurring preservative is Sodium Benzoate.

So what’s on the ingredient list for ASEA? Distilled water and sodium chloride.

The benefits come from the process of making ASEA.

It is not that much different than baking cookies. You mix the ingredients in a bowl, put it in the oven and something entirely different comes out.

ASEA uses their patented process to mix the basic ingredients and create the final product. First, ASEA has managed to create the reactive molecules normally produced inside the body, outside of the body. Second, ASEA is able to stabilize the reactive molecules in this saline solution so you can easily introduce them into your body. The components of ASEA:

  • Are native to the body and are consistent with its natural chemical balance
  • Increase the effectiveness of the body’s most important natural antioxidants (Glutathione, Catalase and SOD) by over 500%
  • Support immune system functions that reduce oxidative stress and repair cellular damage
  • Accelerate the body’s production of its own natural antioxidants like Glutathione, Catalase and SOD

I hope everyone can appreciate what that means. If you can’t then don’t forget this: The world is continuing to advance. Everyday in your life you use something that wasn’t possible at one time. Starting with the computer you are using to read this blog. If you can accept that than accept that advancements will continue in technology, science and even in health and wellness. ASEA represents a major scientific breakthrough that moves beyond nutrition and ingredients.

One thing that is very important about ingredients and antioxidants is without the signaling molecules which your body naturally produces, antioxidants are completely ineffective. You need these Redox signaling molecules for your body to properly use these materials. So what happens when due to age, illness, disease, or cell damage that your body isn’t producing enough of these signaling molecules? You supplement them. Introducing ASEA, the worlds first and only cellular communication supplement.
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ASEA article in Magazine on Athletic Performance

Jul 3rd, 2010 by admin

This is a reprint of the article written in on ASEA on Sat, Jun 26, 2010

How would you like to increase your cycling performance while cheapest viagraat the same time improve your general health? And when we say increase your performance, we mean really big gains.


Before we tell you what ASEA is lets talk about what ASEA is not.
ASEA is not a pharmaceutical. It is not a drug. It is not dangerous. It is not toxic. It is not doping. It is not a vitamin. It is not anything you have ever seen before.

So then you ask, what is ASEA? Well, ASEA is the greatest supplement to come along to boost sports performance in the history of sports performance. And we know what you are thinking; “I have heard that before.” So have we, and that is why we were complete and total skeptics when we were first told about ASEA. The old too good to be true seemed to fit the claims that ASEA was making. But guess what? The claims are fact. The product works, and in both the lab, and on the bike, ASEA exceeds all expectations. With huge increases in VO2max and lactic acid flushing by 5 to 10%.

ASEA is classified as a supplement, with only two ingredients. They are distilled water and sodium chloride, and yes you heard that correct, only two ingredients. So then you have to be asking how does distilled water and sodium chloride improve my performance? Redox Signaling, that is how. So lets dig a little deeper into what Redox Signaling is.

Redox Signaling is the science of how the body repairs itself on a molecular level. We talked to the ASEA expert Dr. Gary Samuelson (who wrote the book “How The Body Heals Itself”) about Redox Signaling and how it effects the body. We will try to simplify the very complicated science what we learned. At a cellular level, the body produces two different types of reactive molecules that support virtually all of the functions of the immune system and tissue regeneration response. These reactive molecules are naturally created in the body during the metabolism of sugar that produces ATP, the body’s primary source of energy. They participate in intra- and inter-cellular damage-control communications, activation of antioxidants, cellular protection and defense against toxins and free radicals, and in the healing response.

The human body is constantly working to maintain cellular health by balancing these reactive molecules to rid the body of harmful components and to clean up the oxidative stress and free radical damage that occurs at the cellular level. When these reactive molecules are in the proper balance, the immune system and healing process function at their optimal level.

In independent studies, it was shown that ASEA when in contact with living cells increased the efficiency of some of our body’s most important native antioxidants (Glutathione and SOD) more than 500%

It should be noted that ASEA has done a very large amount of studies that back their claims. Below we have linked to some we feel are of importance to the cyclist looking to get as much information as possible;

* Independent Drug Testing – Nothing found in ASEA is classified as a banned substance
* ASEA Endurance Trial
* Reactive Molecule Verification
* ASEA Safety Report
* Independent Quality Assurance Declaration for ASEA

So how has ASEA worked out for Well, I can honestly say that I am completely amazed by the improvements that I have been able to make in not only my during the race recovery, but also my overnight recovery. I am a life long CAT4 criterium racer who at best has been a middle of the pack, hang on for your life, hope to get my heart rate down and finish racer. But not any more. I am now able to help dictate the speed and pace of a race.

> During a race I found that I was able to lower my heart rate much faster than before. Before ASEA I would get my heart rate up to 186 bpm, and find it next to impossible to get it back down as I slide to the back of the peloton. But now I find that after a big effort on the front of the peloton I can get my heart rate back down around 50% faster than before. In the last crit race I did I was able to attempt to breakaway three times (yeah, they caught me every time, but that is another story for another time) and still recover and flush the lactic acid out of my screaming legs while still in the top 15 of the peloton.

> My max power output increased at the same time my heart rate dropped about 10 bpm lower than before ASEA. I am also able to maintain my higher power output and lower heart rate for a longer period of time.

> While on ASEA I felt that my body’s ability to recover overnight was greatly enhanced. In fact I have found myself going on harder and harder training rides and still feeling as if my body was at top performance for the next training ride.

> I have always had a sensitive digestive system and would get stomach craps drinking fluid on the bike. But since taking ASEA I have been able to drink enough fluid to replenish my body without getting cramps. In fact I was able to nail my hydration last November when I did an Ironman Triathlon, and while others were double over with cramps I was in digestive heaven. I even took ASEA while I was in the Ironman on both the bike and the run.

> There is this hill climb I do on a weekly basis in which my best time ever before ASEA was 17 minutes flat. After taking ASEA I was able to lower my PR on the climb to 15 minutes and 20 seconds. And without feeling as if I put out any more effort than before. I had friends who I usually ride with me ask what I was taking because I was a different rider. When I told them about ASEA most just shrugged and passed it off, but the one’s who did not and gave it a try are seeing the same level of improved results that i have.

> ASEA recommends that you take it 2 ounces in the morning and 2 ounces at night. I have been taking it 1 ounce in the morning, and 1 ounce at night, and on race days I take 4 ounces the night before, and 4 ounces on race morning. Seemed to work great for me.

> The only thing I can say about ASEA that would be a small negative. And that is the smell and taste of chlorine. It has the smell of chlorine (from the sodium chloride) and a very slight taste of pool water. But after taking it for a few weeks I did not even notice the chlorine taste anymore and at this point it is part of my daily ritual. For the record the product does not have chlorine in it, and it will not hurt you any way.

I was so tempted to keep ASEA a secret for as long as possible so that I can keep that competitive edge over the peloton. But with all great products, the word gets out, and wanted to keep you on the cutting edge of sports performance. Once you try ASEA you will have to make the same decision, keep it to yourself and your teammates or share it with everyone.

To keep with our policy of full disclosure, it is important to know that ASEA is a MLM (multi level marketing) company. But you do not have to sell ASEA to use ASEA. You can just go to a distributor and buy from them. But if you are the entrepreneur type, you certainly could try to build a business around ASEA.

For more information on ASEA go to
To purchase ASEA without joining the team go here: BUY/CLICK HERE

—————– end of article ——————–

Dr Dave Carpenter tells of his experience with ASEA Click here

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Weight Loss tips and ASEA

Jun 18th, 2010 by admin
Weight Loss tips and ASEA
  • You may improve your health and have a physically fit body by getting into a consistent weight loss diet. This is the best way for you to have a strongreal viagraer body and gain confidence. ASEA is a Natural supplement that aids in cell communication to enhance

    your bodies performance. Click here to read a recent article written by Road Bike Action Magazine about the results of using ASEA. Here for part 2

  • Here are some guidelines from the experts in choosing weight loss plans and goals.
    • Set realistic approaches. What is important is to be precise on your goals. The ability to focus and have proper mindset enables someone on a diet to lose those extra pounds. With discipline and proper mind set, a dieter will never be discouraged and lose focus.
    • Develop a strategy – Strength of will does not work alone! To lose weight and stay with it, your strategy must comprise of both exercise and diet, and not either of the two.
    • Be realistic – Most people’s long-term weight loss plans are more ambitious than they have to be.
  • Eat small, healthy meals frequently. Five small-serving snacks per day is better than three hearty meals. Eating more frequently, and in small servings, can prevent over-eating. This will also increase your metabolism and make calories burn faster.
  • Keep a note of everything that you eat and drink. You do not need to estimate calories. Just write down what it was that you had and the quantity. You will find that being more aware of what you are eating helps you to plan healthy meals and snacks.
  • Focus on doing, not losing. Rather than saying that you are going to lose a pound this week, say how much you are going to exercise this week. This would definitely make up of a sensible weight loss plan.
  • Build bit by bit. Short-term weight loss plans should not be “pie-in-the-sky.” This means that when you have never exercised at all, your best weight loss plan for this week should be based on finding three different one-mile routes that you can walk next week.
  • Keep up the self-encouragement. An all-or-nothing attitude only sets you up to fail. Learn to evaluate your efforts fairly and objectively. If you fall short of some goals, just look ahead to next week. You do not need to have a perfect record. After all, self-encouragement should definitely be a part of your weight loss plans. Otherwise, you will just fail in the end.
  • Limit treats containing sugar to one reasonable serving three times per week. This includes chocolate, ice cream, desserts, cake, pastries, cookies, etc. It’s always a good idea to leave 24 hours between treats.
  • Include a lower fat source of protein at most meals: chicken, fish, beans, cottage cheese, or low fat yogurt. Have eggs, nuts and red meat alternately.
  • Plan at least one lunch and dinner every week without meat or cheese. Build those meals around whole grains, vegetables and beans to increase fiber and reduce fat.
  • Reduce the fat content in your milk products. If you are currently drinking whole milk, reduce to 2% fat. From 2% reduce to 1%. Choose lower fat cheese and yogurt. When you buy yogurt, also check that it does not contain sugar.
  • Have two servings of fruit every day. This can be for dessert or snacks. Choose fruit that is in season. Limit fruit because it is so full of sugar.
  • Drink water instead of sodas, juices, milky drinks or alcohol. Hot water with a slice of lemon can be very refreshing in the morning.
  • Include at least two servings of vegetables at lunch and dinner. If you are getting hungry, have more.
  • Eat slowly. The body is slow to register when you are full and it is easy to eat too much if you are racing through your meals. Google “Eating slowly” your brain needs about 20 minutes to get the “Satiation signal” If you eat fast you will overeat, even get bloated and still feel hungry.
  • Use whole grains wherever possible. The fiber will give you a fuller feeling and also help your digestion.
  • Engage in low-impact aerobics. Aerobics are not only good for

    the heart by increasing cardio-vascular endurance. Aerobics also help in increasing lean muscle mass while simultaneously decreasing excess body fat. Aside from these, aerobics make the metebolic process more efficient and its rate high, even after a long while. ASEA has made test using the VO2Max test that has shown increased endurance levels in the Athletes they tested

  • Exercise is good

    Stay motivated to exercise. Exercise is always a do-it-yourself venture. No other person and no machine can do it for you. There are many reasons in order to keep you motivated to exercise and stay healthy for the rest of your life. Get as much exercise as you can that feels good without letting it interfere with your work or family life. Remind yourself that you are preventing many health problems when you prevent weight gain; and keeping your health is a gift to your family as well as yourself.

  • Always switch off the TV when you eat. That includes snacks as well as meals. Studies have proved that we eat larger portions in front of the TV, probably because we are much less aware of what we are eating.
  • Healthy Eating, Regular Exercise and positive attitude are the main things you need to lose fat permanently.
  • Remember, if you want to lose weight naturally, you have to keep track of every food you eat and of every activity that you do. Eat healthy, drink lots of water, have enough sleep and exercise. This will give you a higher chance of losing weight and improving your health, which would result to a new, healthier you.
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    Verdis Norton Ceo of ASEA says “The Science Makes it Possible”

    Jun 9th, 2010 by admin
    Verdis Norton Ceo of ASEA says “The Science Makes it Possible”

    What we have in our hands is different, not just because the science behind ASEA has never been done before. Although that’s an amazing thing—the thing that makes ASEA stand out from a product perspective—there’s something about that very point that may be easy to miss.

    ASEA’s entire business model is different. The reason we’re here, doing what we’re doing, is because of the science. Unlike many other companies who see the network marketing business model and search for a product they can market, ASEA began with science in search of a distribution method.

    Many of those who have become ASEA’s top leaders got into this business for the same reason Jim and I did: because of the science. They knew that people needed this technology. They knew it was so cutting edge that it really would change the way we look at the body and its functions.

    We have seen ASEA increase the quality of life for thousands of people, even people with serious challenges. Our obligation is to make ASEA available to everyone who needs it.

    I can hardly express the gratitude I feel to be able to be a part of this. The individual stories I hear from people who are overcoming challenges are the reason I’m here.

    Our purpose remains as it was in the beginning. We want to make a mark. What we have in ASEA is much bigger than any one of us. Let’s keep moving forward together, helping as many people as we can.

    Verdis Norton
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    Dietary Supplement Information for ASEA

    Jun 5th, 2010 by admin
    Dietary Supplement Information for ASEA

    Dietary Supplement Information

    Basic Guidelines for Using ASEA™: When you recieve your ASEA™ product there are batype my essay onlinesic usage guidelines found on the bottle. Here are a few things that may answer many of your questions ASEA™ FAQ

    1) ASEA™ is a natural disinfectant and antimicrobial and yet is soothing to the touch. ASEA™ can be used in a spray bottle for use on scrapes, burns and abrasions. It can be liberally sprayed on the skin and will not cause irritation. ASEA™ contains a very small amount of chlorine. If you are allergic to chlorine, it is not recommended for use on the face. As always, consult a physician if there are any concerns.

    2) ASEA™ is bottled in a clean facility. Sealed shelf life is one year. After the bottle is opened, it has a 30-day shelf life.

    • Do not drink ASEA™ directly from the bottle. Avoid bottle contamination.
    • Do not put anything in the bottle for the same reason. Open, pour and then close.
    • Drink ASEA™ straight. Do not mix with water or juice or an external substance as this can reduce effectiveness.
    • Use clean plastic or glass when taking ASEA™.
    • The recommended daily usage is two to four ounces.
    • Take ASEA™ 20 minutes before or after eating anything. Not with meals or drinks. That includes brushing your teeth and chewing gum. It also helps to swish it around under your tongue a bit.
    • ASEA™ is 100% safe, non-toxic and native to the body.
    • Refrigerate ASEA™ if you like. Your choice.
    • If ASEA™ freezes, thaw completely before consuming.
    • Heat does not affect ASEA™ up to 400 degrees.
    • If you are on a 400mg Sodium restricted diet you can be assured that ASEA™ has 123 mg of sodium per 4 ounces. One serving would be 3% of your daily allowance.

    Normal use: Start using ASEA™ 2-4 ounces per day as directed on the bottle. Start the first month with 4 oz per day then afterwords 2 oz per day maintenance. If you are not getting the expected benefit, you can take more than the recommended up to 8 or 12 oz per day with no problem return to the recommended when ready.

    Athletes: Take 2-4 ozs. before your event, workout, run, bike ride, etc. Take another serving after workout for super fast recovery. ASEA™ has been shown to have no “banned substances” and has been certified clean by WADA.

    Spray Bottle: is shipped with most orders. Spray ASEA™ … safe for eyes, cuts, burns, acne, etc.
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    Dietary Supplements, ASEA Review

    Jun 2nd, 2010 by admin

    Here is another independent review about ASEA in the dietary supplement market.

    Asea has picked out a really saturatediscount cialisd market for their entrance in the MLM business which is the nutritional and health-care market. Supplements are products for which the common individual doesn’t invest time seeking, but rather realize that they are valuable when encountering them. Regardless of their genuine consequences on the human body, people can be asked to buy these kinds of products far better by multi level marketers than by traditional marketing and advertising. But a number of them really do work, and are supported by technological discoveries, holding various patents and containing proprietary scientific formulas. Usually these are likely to talk about this certain niche in the market. Therefore it is very hard for a recently founded business to truly succeed in becoming profitable amongst these giants. But why don’t we further analyze the corporation and its probabilities to be successful.

    Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Asea isn’t different from the average mlm company. There is an fascinating story on their website about how the company was actually launched. The company?s founders, Verdis Norton and James G. Pack presumably put together the theory during a round of golf together. Verdis Norton has a substantial experience in corporate sales, general management and strategy, amounting to almost 30 years, and James G. Pack gives over 2 decades of corporate experience to Asea. Apart from the already talked about founders of the business, holding the positions of CEO and President respectively, Asea’s management team also comprises of Kurt Richards, Vice President of Development, and Justin Wilson, working as Director of Associate Development.

    Asea’s product is a dietary supplement in the shape of a beverage. It presumably consists of 2 sets of reactive compounds without which the antioxidants existing in the human body will not be capable of fight free radicals. These reactive substances are known to be produced by the human cells mitochondria. One set of these molecules have the effect of activating the antioxidants, while the second has an important role in cellular protection and healing reaction. The technique for developing and stabilizing these reactive compounds has been devised more than 16 years ago by a group of scientists, and it was enhanced since that time, but only Verdis Norton seemingly came across the idea of putting this to use.

    The market for this product is a huge one, consisting of both athletes and non-athletes. With the pressure and effort caused by the fast paced modern life, essentially anybody would use this type of health product. However this is what the rest of the businesses around understand as well, no matter what the kind of marketing employed. Consequently Asea seems to deal with a tough competition already from the start.

    Utilizing a normal binary compensation plan, Asea provides seven various methods for getting compensated. Among them there are certainly the classic retail profit commission, fast start bonuses and team bonuses, however they also chose to use a percentage of the sales volume for a leadership pool meant to the high level group of affiliates.

    As a disadvantage, Asea does not offer any form of instruction apart from distributor meetings and seminars. This technique is very out-of-date and is destined to generate little or no profit at all. In addition, by keeping the training of their sellers to the average of what they all know, Asea encourages reckless or even altogether lack of teamwork.

    But what should a person do when he really wants to join Asea? The business seem to have a great product, a talented management team, and their comp plan is not at all that bad. In this situation somebody having a good information about modern mlm techniques can really have a head start. And this understanding and perception is not that complicated to attain.


    Note: ASEA does offer free training meetings from top producers in selected towns and cities. When you go to your back office there is always a list of the places they will be. I have attended one and they are excellent. They also have a email campaign that is second to none, that has training and information pertinent to the product.

    Hope this helps. It is import to be informed when making any decision.
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    ASEA scam? Asea Business Opportunity Review

    Jun 2nd, 2010 by admin

    Here is another independent review about the ASEA scam. In my research on ASEA I have found mostly good revigeneric cialis no prescriptionews with very few bad ones. Seems the bad ones are done by those who have NOT used the product. This is one of the positive ones.

    Review done by Tim Borgeson

    Asea is one of the newer MLM businesses out there today. They join a large group of network marketing companies that offer a health and wellness product as well as providing its reps who sign up an opportunity to resell the product.

    But is it a good deal? Let’s take a look.

    The Pros:

    The company has a proprietary product that claims to provide health benefits by designing a drink that has a perfect balance of reactive molecules that the company claims will support the immune and healing systems. This is a unique retail opportunity.

    Asea’s founders Verdis Norton and James Pack both bring excellent leadership and business skills to the table.

    The Cons:

    The company has decided to utilize the network marketing business model to sell the product. This is not all bad. Especially for those who truly know how to and understand marketing. The problem is most get involved looking for an easy way to get into a business opportunity and make some money. Most will be told make lists of friends and family and sample out the products. While this may work for getting a few into the business, most will deplete this source and then they are out of business.


    Asea can be a good opportunity, it definitely is not a scam, especially if you are into a more modern approach to health and wellness. Generally a company that first comes out with a proprietary product will do well. However, for an individual to truly grow a sustainable down line they MUST learn how to properly create a targeted market who are looking for these products. With some work this can be a good business deal.

    Tim Borgeson is a professional marketer who takes great pride in helping other entrepreneurs build and expand their business using sound marketing principles to ensure positive business growth and establish long term success. Tim has marketed several different products and services and has been involved in sales of over $14 million dollars in the direct-marketing industry in the past 4 years alone.
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    ASEA scam? “Operation Cure-All” The Quackbuster’s Newest Scam

    Jun 2nd, 2010 by admin

    Don’t join ASEA or any other Health supplement until you read this. Its no wonder articles about the so called ASEA scam and scams about other Health products are circulating around the internet. Do your homework on anything you are interested in. It will usually prove advantageous.

    Opinion by Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

    July 7th, 2003

    I need to make something clear. DO NOT, for a minute, think that the quackpot soldiers you see, like Stephen Barrett, and Robert Baratz, are running the whole quackbuster operation. They are not bright enough. They are the ones the quackbuster paymasters want us all to see. They’re the front men. They’ve got their function, but it’s only part of the game.

    I think the whole “Quackbuster” conspiracy, and I have documents that back up my thinking, is being run out of a conference room at a pharmaceutical advertising agency in New York City. It’s there that all the decisions, and plans are made, about where to focus the campaign, who to attack, and what cards to play in each attack. It’s there that the checks are written.

    Want some proof? It’s coming. I’m working with P. J. (Joe) Lisa to re-publish his 1995 book “Assault on Medical Freedom.” The new book will have, some changes, and four new chapters, bringing the conspiracy up to date. The information Joe, I, and some others are gathering, although for the book, will be also for delivery to Attorney General John Ashcroft and some others. Joe Lisa has thousands of pages of documents. We think there’s enough for a Justice Department RICO (racketeering) complaint.

    The quackbuster operation in North America is simply a scam devised around the time the American Medical Association lost a Federal Court Case to the Chiropractors in 1987. It’s function is to eliminate, suppress, or hamper with, anything that competes with the sale of drugs and surgery. It’s here to make sure that “treatment,” rather than “prevention,” or “a cure,” stays the “standard of care” in North American Health Care.

    The quackbusters have shifted focus. Today, I’m going to tell you what the new focus is, how it’s being organized and run, and who has, and is going to be attacked, and why. In another newsletter I’m going to tell you how we, in the North American Health Freedom Movement are going to crush it.

    For them, it’s all about pharmaceuticals controlling the North American Health market. For us, it’s about getting real health care, right now.

    For years, quackbusting centered around the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB) operation. State Medical Board Members, Prosecutors, Investigators, Management, etc., were propagandized to believe that anything new in health care that wasn’t drugs, or surgery, oriented, was health fraud. Their assignment, should they choose to take it (and not many of them did), was to terrorize MDs who embraced new things, and to attack non-MDs with “practicing medicine without a license.”

    But the North American Health Freedom Movement woke up one morning and decided to kick the crap out of them. Health Freedom Bills, defenses of practitioners, exposes, you-name-it tactics, all began to work. EVERYTHING we did worked very well. We’re winning everywhere.

    The focus has been shifted since the quackbuster paymasters discovered that (1) Barrett, and company, just can’t deliver the goods, anymore. And (2) Robert Baratz, the current President of the National Council Against Health Fraud (NCAHF). who was brought up from the minor leagues with high hopes, is turning out to be an amusing (for us) embarrassment (for them).

    Now, the quackbusters are using the FTC/FDA “Operation Cure-All” as their platform. Herein, I’ll detail how I think they’re doing it. In another newsletter I’ll tell you how simple it will be to thwart them – one more time.

    What’s this “Operation Cure-All” thing?

    Upper management at the FTC and the FDA think they put this plan together to stop internet health fraud. I’m sure they had the best of intentions. But don’t be fooled, it’s a quackbuster operation. Not one run by the stooges, like Barrett, or Baratz, or Sampson, this is an exercise of the REAL quackbusters – those funding the whole anti-health care, preserve the drug/surgery status quo, operation. The whole plan was, no doubt, written in the back room of a pharmaceutical advertising agency, for a fee that would stagger the imagination. It reeks of big Pharma thinking. Barrett, et al, are Keystone Kops in this venue.

    Timothy Muris, at the FTC, and Mark McClellan, at FDA, are the targets of a drug company funded scam to use their agencies to kill off upstart competitors of the drug industry. So far, they’re unaware of this – so let’s fix that.

    The majority of employees of the FTC, FDA and Operation Cure-All apparently don’t know, either, they are being USED to attack the very upstart competition the drug companies fear the most – supplements (that keep people healthy – so they don’t need drug “treatment”), electro-medicine (that replaces drugs, without side effects), chelation (detoxification eliminates need for drugs), natural antibiotics (Like Colloidal Silver, Frankincense, Oregano Oil), and scientists and authors (like Hulda Regehr Clark PhD, Naturopath) who advocate a change in the way America delivers health care.

    What we’ll probably have to do is to get a RICO/Civil rights, and Conspiracy to Violate Civil Rights, action, going against those controlling and manipulating it, and those FTC, FDA, and Operation Cure-All employees involved in the scam. We’ll need to get Attorney General John Ashcroft involved in this, as well as FDA Internal Affairs, and the Inspector General at the FTC.

    So, what’s “Operation Cure-All” up to? You can go to the self-promoting website “://” and read the sanctimonious words:

    “Operation Cure-All” Wages New Battle in Ongoing War Against Internet Health Fraud

    FTC, FDA and other law enforcement agencies move to stop Internet scams for supplements and other products that purport to cure cancer, HIV/AIDS and countless other life-threatening diseases. FTC also warns of risks associated with some supplements, including drug interactions.”

    Sounds good, but the worm in the apple is that the definition of “health fraud” is the one written in a conference room of a pharmaceutical advertising agency. They might as well have come out openly, and said “if it competes with big Pharma, it’s health fraud, and we’re against it.”

    The other REALLY bad thing about the FTC and the FDA is the huge amount of INTERNAL influence big pharma has on FTC and FDA thinking. When Dwight Eisenhower left the Presidency, one of the last things he did was to stop the revolving door between the Defense Department and Defense contractors. That has to happen with the FTC/FDA and big pharma – right now. Before America dies of a drug overdose.

    Here’s how the scam works…

    Fact #1: The FTC/FDA system requires that claims about products must be based on “scientific proof.” In translation, that means that every claim, or suggested claim, must be double-blind studied in 30 to 50 cities (usually on the inner city poor), and the “studies” will cost somewhere between 200 to 400 million dollars each. Since herbals, and natural supplements, can’t be patented, the FTC/FDA system has effectively given big Pharma a monopoly on approvals – since only big Pharma can afford the testing procedure.

    Gee, I wonder how that happened? Sarcasm intended.

    Fact #2: The FTC won’t allow “testimonials.” To them, someone saying “I, and 300 of my friends did this thing, and all of us were cured of cancer, and here’s our medical records to prove it,” is inadequate information. The reality of a “cure” is not in their vocabulary. It’s still “unproven,” and, according to them, you can’t tell anyone about it. Saving lives, by passing around information, is to them, a criminal act.

    The FTC/FDA’ Operation Cure-All, doesn’t want anything to do with reality. It gets in the way.

    So, when big Pharma sees that somebody is cutting a little too deep into, or just threatening the future of, their drug market, checks are written, and a meeting takes place in New York City. There a plan (a standard format plan) is made. And the execution begins on Monday.

    Here’s how they do it.

    The quackbusters decide who they’re going to hit. The advertising agency (which controls major drug advertising placement) writes up the stories that are going to be distributed to their “letter writing brigade.” The letter writers, following the guidelines, then write to the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All, to set a basis for the complaint. Then the ad agency writes stories, getting quotes from the likes of Barrett, Baratz, etc., on the victim. The stories are sent out to the media in which the advertising agency’s drug clients advertise. The stories are printed in the media as though they were true.

    Once the stories hit the press, a second wave of letters goes out to the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All, to put pressure on upper management to act. Then more media is generated, this time with quotes from the quackbuster insider FTC employees to make it sound official that the FTC is interested. Once this happens, letters and phone calls go out from supposedly “irate consumers (quackbusters),” once again to the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All upper management, demanding to know why they aren’t doing something.

    Then, letters and phone calls go out from supposedly “irate consumers (quackbusters)” to certain members of Congress demanding to know why the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All, aren’t doing something.

    Within days, upper management of the FTC, the FDA, and Operation Cure-All, are deluged with questions from more media, and Congress. They see the issue as important, and act against the victim – even if their is little or no evidence.

    After this, some poor bastard is fighting for his life, while the plotters pop open a case of $1,000 a bottle champagne, congratulating themselves for another hit against their competitor…. And, more checks are written.

    This is, I believe, how the attack was organized against the Rife equipment manufacturers, Bob Barefoot Coral Calcium, SeaSilver, the Colloidal Silver proponents, etc… I have good reason to believe that EVERY ONE of the Operation Cure-All targets, right from the beginning, was arranged this way.

    For a sample of how it’s done, click here for the petition, and here for the signers where the quackpots were attempting to stop the whole science of Homeopathy. They failed…

    So, why this new assault? Because the quackbusters are, basically, floundering. The old plan wasn’t working.

    Why are the quackbusters floundering?

    The quackbuster operation in North America is floundering for a number of reasons.

    The number (1) reason is that the quackbusters underestimated the intelligence of the North American health consumer. Those consumers don’t trust conventional medicine, anymore. Americans can sense when they are being lied to.

    (2) Americans have discovered “health,” and they’ve worked out for themselves that “health” and “medicine” aren’t the same thing.

    (3) Americans have worked out that that expensive “health plan” is a big waste of money – because all it pays for is “medicine.” It doesn’t pay for “health care.” Insurance companies, and the US Government have caught on – and are adding new billing codes (ABC Codes) to deal with reality and demand. The American consumer, right now, is buying “health” out of their discretionary income – and the total amount of that is more than half of the total US health dollar.

    (4) The North American Health Freedom Movement is kicking the crap out of the quackbusters whenever, and wherever, they meet on a battlefield.

    (5) The whole idea of restricting American’s health care offering to drugs and surgery is un-American. Even conventional MDs are getting fed up with the idea that “nothing new should be used in medicine unless it’s been approved by a failed MD working out of his basement in Pennsylvania.”

    (6) The people of New York State are waking up to the fact that right there, in their midst, is a cesspool of quackbuster activity. Not only New York City, but Buffalo. Plans are being made. Targets are being selected.

    (7) In the end, GOOD always triumphs over EVIL.

    We, in the North American Health Freedom Movement, need to destroy the quackbuster operation. For, Americans are suffering and dying. Nobody is going to fix this problem but us. We are the ones who understand what’s happening. We also know what to do, and how to do it. So, let’s do it.

    Stay tuned…

    Tim Bolen – Consumer Advocate

    If you have read this far, maybe we should take another look at the so called ASEA scam. Here is some more info on ASEA and the benefits some people are receiving. Sometimes getting the information from the horses mouth is better than listening to hearsay or from someone who has never used the product. Just my two cents.

    A personal account by Dr. Dave Carpenter. He talks about his experience in using ASEA in a Clinical environment.

    Dr. Dave Carpenter is a Naturopathic Doctor and an Acupuncturist with over 20 years of clinical experience. He is the owner of the wellness clinic, Path To Health in Idaho Falls, Idaho and has a large national and international following. Dr. Carpenter is an author and is in great demand as a lecturer and teacher.

    Email Karl


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    ASEA Scam

    Jun 2nd, 2010 by admin

    Just out of curiosity I did a search on “ASEA Scam

    Here is one persons opinion she called the ASEA scam.

    The Business Desbuy cialis onlineign:
    Asea is the latest Multilevel network marketing opportunity based in the health and wellness industry. The company believes they have a solid product and a solid compensation structure to help many into health and fiscal security.

    The Product:
    Asea is the first and only stable, perfectly balanced mixture of these reactive molecules that exists outside the body and can be used to help keep up proper balance inside the body to support the immune system and healing process.
    Asea is a ground-contravention, patented supplement that enhances cell communication on a cellular level to allow cells to experience the maximum health, healing and performance. This clinically proven and veteran supplement has been proven in research to provide a 12% increase in patience markers. Qualified safe.

    The Company:
    The company thinks they have a rock-hard product and a safe comp plot to help many into health and economic security. Asea’s chief product is built on a supplement that is said to aid in slowing down aging effects.

    Asea could be a safe company. Let me additionally say that I am not in the company, be it on their company quality or as a distributor.
    That being said, I’m going to take in as to why, in my view they’re a excellent company and it is a excellent business opportunity, but with one huge caveat, that I am going to go into soon enough.

    The corporation is listed in the Better Business Bureau, and if that isn’t sensible enough already, since a ton of corporations are not, they also have a B+ rating, which is darn sensible I might say, considering the industry they’re in where heaps of non-legitimate corporations operate. They’ve been listed there since September of 2007 with zero reported as so much as any problems go that needed to be learned or addressed. This credential lonely already puts them far higher than the rest.

    They don’t appear to be a public company by the simple searches I’ve done on them, and there were not any observable descriptions of that on their web site concerning to it. I usually search for this in a company because being regulated by the SEC adds to credibility. This noticeable lack of item nonetheless might simply coincide with the early stages of the company simply judging by the year of their Better Business Bureau item and domain name registration, which was December 2008.

    Not several companies will go public solely a few years into operation, therefore that should not be held against them. The company has solid management with vision and know-how. Their product are backed by knowledge and are in an exceedingly niche that’s widely acknowledged. They have with them all the makings of a fantastic success tale to unfold.

    So, in conclusion, the company is a strong one and looks to be a fantastic venture in the wellness arena. To make the best of this business, a new person wants to have the skills and leadership that can nail-down the distributors’ success. The company may not be able to weather the competition and choose another way of distributing its products, like Xlr8 did in 2009, and the people that depend on a company to be there are in for a surprise.

    This is just one ASEA scam post I found. I will post more as I find them. This is not my opinion as I am a ASEA associate. I think it is a great company and have done well with it.

    Here is a link you should visit before you join. It is Dr. Dave Carpenter’s experience with ASEA. Dr. Dave Carpenter is a Naturopathic Doctor and an Acupuncturist with over 20 years of clinical experience. He is the owner of the wellness clinic, Path To Health in Idaho Falls, Idaho and has a large national and international following. Dr. Carpenter is an author and is in great demand as a lecturer and teacher

    You can also visit for more information.

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